Jack Shirk

Taz is a true expert when it comes to helping businesses get to the top of page 1 on Google.

Jack ShirkTech Entrepreneur
Breej Raj

Taz demonstrates a unique ability generate a clear tactical plan that benefits the strategic goals of his Digital Marketing clients. He brings a broad skill set to the team and finds creative ways connect SEO, business process, and efficiency that creates results.

Breej Raj Digital Marketing Consultant
Terry Boyer

As far as SEO and Social Media Marketing for Business clients, Taz is up there with the best. His technical knowledge coupled with his business acumen consistently delivers results for those who decide to work with him

Terry BoyerDigital Marketing Specialist
Tatiana Proctor

Taz Sheikh is a great SEO professional who can drive free traffic to the website. He is very professional, knowledgeable about Google algorithm and delivers his work on time. If you looking for SEO consultant in London, look no further.

Tatiana ProctorDirector of Bellevue
Casandra Valentin

Taz is on his way to dominating SEO in the UK. His laser focus and determination to help will ensure pertinent results for all who work with him.

Casandra ValentinFounder of Valentina Media
Denis Nyarwaya

Taz possesses a vast knowledge of the systems, processes, and practices to help your business revenue scale organically. Whether you are a Fortune 500 company or a local business looking to grow, you would do well to consider Taz and his firm for your digital marketing needs.

Denis NyarwayaFounder of Hub Wired Media
Dave Sutherland

Taz is very knowledgeable in where online marketing is going and how to translate this into strategies that keep his clients ahead of the curve.

Dave Sutherland Internet and Technology Specialist
Joseph Montero

Getting to page 1 of Google is a skill that Taz possess and as a result his clients stick with him. His ability to drive traffic to websites time and time again is why I am happy to recommend his services to anyone.

Joseph MonteroOwner of SlideFirst
Suzana Roclord

Taz is very passionate about his craft and has the knowledge and expertise to make a business successful.

Suzana RoclordOwner of Infinite Results
Samer Ebrahim

Taz is one of the few SEOs I have met who can make the complicated sound simple. Not only that but he always delivers where others have failed. Taz is always on top of my list when im asked about any SEO I can recommend.

Samer EbrahimOwner Principal at ACN
Biljana Todic

Taz is a credible SEO expert with a proven track record of helping businesses get to page 1 of Google. His work ethic is excellent and he always delivers.

Biljana TodicBranding Manager at Wärtsilä
Klaus Nyman

My interactions with Taz have demonstrated to me that he is a top tier SEO and master of driving online traffic. His methods of ranking pages allow me the confidence to recommend his services to anyone looking for a page one listing.

Klaus NymanCEO of Nitro Digital Marketing
Rebecca Holman

In terms of SEO services, Taz is a leader and always get results. I recommend his services to any business looking to increase their online traffic

Rebecca Holman
Jennifer Glidden

As far SEO Consultants go, Taz is a rare find. He is extremely customer centric and always delivers. His insight into the workings of Google and how to drive online traffic are extraordinary. For quick and sustainable results I would easily recommend his services

Jennifer GliddenNext Door
Anthony Donataccio

In a world where traffic is King, you need a master of online traffic to help your business get to the next level. Taz is an expert in my opinion when it comes to SEO and I am happy to recommend his services to anyone seeking the edge.

Anthony DonataccioFounder - Step Up Digital Marketing
Garry Lei

When it comes to SEO Taz is a true master. I highly recommend him as a top professional and someone who delivers his clients results

Garry LeiFounder of Digital Cavern